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Michael Maugeri

Michael Maugeri:  Joining ForTalent has been so great for me. It's one of the best social networks, if you are in the entertainment business. If you're either on-set, or a business owner, it enables you to network and still keep in touch with the same people. Normally no advice is free, but signing up to ForTalent is, and to be able to get the free advice of Sam Borowski in his BLOGS is a weekly motivational piece. It makes me feel inspired to go out and do something in the industry or in life. Most of his BLOGS make me want to conquer obstacles. It felt amazing winning DOES THE CAMERA LOVE YOU HEADSHOT CONTEST. It's nice to know that people responded to my headshot. I've gotten a lot more comments on my Actor Intro Video, as well. I owe that all to

  • Name: Michael Maugeri
  • Date: May 4, 2012