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I have not only discovered some wonderful actors and students on ForTalent, but have gained many new fans of my work!

Sam Borowski:  One of the key reasons I tell young actors and filmmakers, as well as musicians, dancers and artists of all kinds, about ForTalent and push them hard to join, is because I truly believe in the site. I am passionate about it. This site offers so much free help that it should be second nature that aspiring artists join. It offers the benefits that other social networks do, only it offers so much more! The ability to networSam Borowskik with likeminded people in your industry, to get publicity in an artistic community, the wonderful castings from Backstage and those amazing contests, one of which I sponsored.  

When I decided to sponsor WILL YOU BE MY NEXT GREAT SUCCESS STORY, I did hope to find another talented student for my monthly workshop; however, I never dreamed I would meet such a talented and amazing person as Samantha Tuffarelli.  As I told her recently, I hasten to say I discovered her, because she had done so much before meeting me - including being a cast member of SESAME STREET for three years, being cast in SEX AND THE CITY (the movie) and so many more memorable dancing and acting performances. But that being told, she still had not received her BIG break.  I am more than willing to give it to her, as she is bursting with talent, and just as importantly, has a tremendous work-ethic. And, her passion for her craft ... and the business reminds me of myself. Most importantly, she is a wonderful person who I feel like I've known for quite some time. In addition, I have connected with other artists who have become regular students in my workshop such as Joelle Poole, who amazingly had never taken an acting class before. She has the enthusiasm of child and the desire to learn of a great student. I have not only discovered some wonderful actors and students on ForTalent, but have gained many new fans of my work. This site is so beneficial that it really should be second nature for any artist to join.

  • Name: Sam Borowski
  • Date: May 4, 2012