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My art has always been the truest expression of who I am

My art has always been the truest expression of who I am.
I’ve been on stage since I was a little kid, doing school plays or community theater, wherever opportunities arise. The goal of every actor is to blur the line between reality and fiction. We try to tell a story with emotional cues so accurate that it causes the audience to become lost in the world of the story, rather than the world in which they actually live. It doesn’t matter if the story is made for film, television, theater or the internet, this is what we do.

I’ve been in New York City for a little over a year. I’ve done three plays, started a sketch comedy group with some very talented people (, became a producer ( and feel as though I’ve hit a particular stride with my art form. has been a great resource for me in my producer capacities this year. I began writing and filming a web sketch comedy show ( - launched July 3rd!) and I needed actors. was an excellent place for me to search and I ended up connecting with a lot of really eager and friendly actors, eventually I cast Joseph Harris from the site!

I think ForTalent has great potential as a resource for us as performers and for talent seekers. I would like to see the site mirror other casting sites a bit more. People should be able to create organized casting submissions which members can respond to, much like or some of the other payment based sites. I think as it stands, ForTalent can be a bit difficult to navigate and very difficult to search. It’s hard to tell what resources are actually available on the site, though there are good ones! I love the website and I think it has a great future ahead. Its potential as a performer empowerment tool is limitless. I would like to see it become an amalgamation of Facebook and Backstage.  Please connect with me on ForTalent! Here’s to our collective futures. (

  • Name: Greggory Daniel
  • Date: Mar 22, 2012