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I'm glad I joined, and won the contest that jump-started my career!

SamanthaTuffarelliSamantha Tuffarelli: It was meant to be that I joined ForTalent and then later submitted on a last-minute whim to the WILL YOU BE MY NEXT GREAT SUCCESS STORY contest, sponsored by SamBorowski.  And, in retrospect, I feel like his next great success story : I am about to embark on my third-straight class, and the reason I like his class is because it's as if you are waking up and about to go to set. It's an exciting feeling like none other. Even more exciting is the fact that Sam has cast me in several projects, one of which looks to be shooting this summer. I am truly excited about that. (Sam) has a real grasp on what emotions need to be done in any given scene, and his direction is helpful, so that I am able to deliver what he needs. All of this came about because I joined and then decided to enter the contest.  In several short months, I feel like I've known (Sam) much longer, and that we've already had a history of working together. I'm glad that because of (this contest) I have someone on my side and in my corner.

  • Name: Samantha Tuffarelli
  • Date: May 4, 2012